CG News

TurbulenceFD for LightWave v0.3.27ce


- LW: new example projects
- LW: new centralized GUI for handling containers and emitters
- LW: new simulation progress dialog
- LW: allow simulation during scene rendering
- LW: open help from menu
- LW: in add-container name-popup, handle shortcuts correctly
- LW: animated emitter noise
- LW: save multiple license keys to allow for convenient dongle-swapping
- LW: optionally render sRGB (parameter for Volumetric FluidShader)
- LW: menu branch preset
- LW: fixed: emitter settings didn't affect child items
- LW: GI intensity parameter
- LW: about dialog
- LW: moved auto update checkbox to about dialog
- LW: mapping curve previews
- LW: redirect unused keys from curve editor to LW
- LW: unified distribution package (LW9/10 32/64 bit)
- fixed: crash when emitting into deactivated channel